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You can now have your favorite Little Debbie cake flavor in ice cream form. Dub and Jess tasted all of the flavors and ranked them below from the worst to the best!

  • 7. Zebra Cakes

    Basic vanilla with a tiny ribbon of chocolate. A little underwhelming.

  • 6. Swiss Rolls

    Basic chocolate ice cream. Also underwhelming.

  • 5. Oatmeal Cream Pies

    Chunks  of oatmeal cream pie in vanilla ice cream. Better, but still kind of plain.

  • 4. Nutty Bars

    Vanilla ice cream with chunks of Nutty Bars. When you get a Nutty Bar chunk, it’s delicious!

  • 3. Cosmic Brownies

    Chocolate ice cream with chunks of brownie and candy bits. A little bit of crunch and chew makes the chocolate ice cream memorable.

  • 2. Strawberry Jelly Rolls

    Equal amounts of strawberry jelly and vanilla ice cream make this one the second most flavorful of the bunch.

  • 1. Honey Buns

    Little Debbie got this one right! Chunks of honey bun and cinnamon swirls in vanilla ice cream. This was our favorite by far!