Tee Gentry


It’s officially summer and a lot of KICKS listeners are trying to drop some weight….including me! I’ve been doing low carb for about six weeks and I’m actually enjoying it. I’m seeing some progress and feel better and I always have one cheat meal a week, then back on it with easy low carb recipes like these.

I’m always looking for new recipes to try to keep from boredom setting in I found this Instagram page with a lot of really great recipes and thought I would share. Everything from copycat McDonald’s fries to delicious meatballs. I’ve never really done something as strict as keto because low carb can even be pretty hard at times.

I found that if you stay creative with what you eat, you can do this for a while and then maybe adjust your menu and add a few more carbs to your diet after you reach your goal weight.

Enjoy these easy low carb recipes and good luck! This Mississippi Pot Roast recipe is a perfect example an easy recipe.