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The Kicks Wake Up Krew

The Kicks Wake Up Krew

LONDON - FEBRUARY 03: In this photo illustration the facebook logo is reflected in the eye of a girl on February 3, 2008 in London, England. Financial experts continue to evaluate the recent Microsoft $44.6 billion (?22.4 billion) offer for Yahoo and the possible impact on Internet market currently dominated by Google. (Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

If I’m being honest, I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook memories!  I’ve had Facebook since it started, pretty much.  Do you remember that?  At that point, I was in high school.  My sisters were both in college.  And we couldn’t be friends on Facebook because high school and college were separate!  Crazy, right?  It’s a great reminder of just how much has changed since then. And at that time, MySpace was still a big deal too.  Oh the drama that could create.  Remember picking your top 6 or 8 friends?  Changing your profile song to reflect your mood? And trying to find the best background designs… Ah, the “good old days.”

While I am unable to log into my MySpace account… My Facebook account is alive and active and has been since the beginning.  And there’s this great feature called Facebook Memories.  But the reason for my love/hate relationship? Sometimes Facebook can bring up times in your life that you really would rather forget.  There are times when life wasn’t great.  But, there were some really great times too.  Then there are friends… people you might not have a relationship with anymore.  And let’s not even get started on the exes. Ugh!

I used to look at my Facebook memories pretty frequently. But I definitely don’t check it as often.  I just pulled it up today to see what happened on this day years ago… so I figured I’d share a few things I found! Let’s start with… 2009!

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  • On this day... 14 years ago!

    I was in college.  It was February 2, 2009.  Do you remember when we’d post the statuses like Cody is…?  Well, that’s the way this one is:

    It reads, “… is glad to be done with her first test of the semester… now she just has to make it through aerobics, then she can take a nap.”

    Man… I loved naps back then!

    Also.. on the same day: “…is watching The Bachelor… and wanting some Ben & Jerry’s… really bad…”

  • Jumping Ahead to 2014

    I was living in Griffin, Georgia at this point.  And my Cody man was only 3 years old!  Check out this cutie soaking up the sunshine!

    Cody 2014

  • And now for 2015!

    Doing what I love!  Eight years ago, I was on air with a country station in Macon, Georgia! Cody in 2015

  • Fitness in 2016

    It’s funny to see my journey with health and fitness through the years.  Some days I posted about working out at the gym, or even with the Wii Fit! Haha.  By 2016, I was working out at a gym pretty regularly with my mom.  But 15 pounds was apparently a challenge!

    The post says: It may only be 15 pounds but it’s kicking my butt! #kettlebell #workout #fitness #goals #fit #healthy

    Fitness in 2016

  • Deep Thoughts

    Apparently this is the time of year I had a lot of thoughts about taking action, and not waiting until I was ready!  Because this was 2018!Post from 2018

    And this was 2019!

    Post from 2019

  • And 2020!

    This was not long before the pandemic started.  February of 2020!  I went to Atlanta to run the Hot Chocolate 15K.  Unfortunately, I missed it this year!

    Hot Chocolate 2020

  • Another From 2020!

    After running in Atlanta, we came home to do some grilling and enjoyed some time in the backyard with the pups!


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