I love lipstick and wear it almost every day. I get a lot of compliments on my lip colors so I wanted to share a few of my fall looks that I’ve been wearing lately, what I use and where to get them if you want to try them out too!

You can get almost all of these lip colors and liners and glosses at

Before you apply any of these looks, I recommend using a lip scrub. I’m a sucker for marketing so I bought this Hello Kitty lip scrub from Colour Pop when they launched the set. But, any lip scrub will do in order to remove any dead skin before applying your lip color.

  • A pink look

    For this look I used:

    Kylie Cosmetics Lip Liner in ‘Posie K’

    Juvia’s Place lipstick in the color Chic

    And topped it off with Juvia’s Place lipgloss in the color Kiss Me

  • A rust colored look

    For this rust colored look I used Barbie x ColourPop lip liner in the color Dreamhouse

    Cookout Pop Cosmetics ‘Frozen 2 Anna collection’ lipstick in the color Going North

    Juvia’s Place lipgloss in the color Barely There

  • A Nude look

    To achieve the nude look, I used Kylie cosmetics ‘Koko’ line lip liner

    Juvia’s Place lipstick in Nubian Sand

    Juvia’s Place lipgloss in Barely There

  • Red is ‘in’ for any season

    Red lipstick is my go to color no matter what season it is. And this Juvia’s Place color ‘Afrik’ has become a favorite of mine. I paired it with Juvia’s Place lipliner in the color ‘Ruby’