Tee Gentry


5 things to not bring to work to warm up for lunch….trust us on this one.

  • Broccoli

    Put broccoli in the microwave and you will lose a few pals at work.


  • Boiled Eggs

    Do we even have to tell you this?


  •  Fish

    Any kind. Just don’t. Seriously. The smell will still be in the building when you retire.


  • Popcorn

    Burnt popcorn. Let’s face it. No one has ever microwaved popcorn at work and not burned it. Burnt popcorn at work will not make you popular.

    Burnt Popcorn

  • Brussel sprouts

     Brussel SproutsSee Broccoli above and multiply it by ten. You’ll smell it in the parking lot….it’s that bad.