How to create a charcuterie board that will wow your guests this holiday season! And keep them happy before the big meal arrives.

I love a holiday charcuterie board and they’re very easy to make. Check out the Halloween charcuterie board my daughter and I made here. It’s our favorite way to snack and get into the holiday spirit no matter what holiday/special day you’re celebrating.

You can go the traditional route and assemble everything on a charcuterie board. Or, you can do like I’ve done in the past, place parchment paper on your kitchen island or table for larger crowds. That also makes cleanup a breeze as well.

This guide to building your board is a great place to start and here are some ideas from a previous board I made for Thanksgiving.

  • Tools you’ll need

    Here are a few tools you’ll need to get started:

    Cutting Board
    Chef’s Knife
    Platter or Wooden Board (approx 10 × 10)
    Small Jars or Bowls for Honey & Jam

  • Ingredients and extras

    2-3 Cheeses – goat cheese, brie, cheddars, etc


    Jam or Honey

    Seasonal Fruits (grapes, berries, oranges, etc)




    Dried Fruit (apricots, cranberrie, raisins)

    Dark Chocolate


    Fresh Herbs for Garnish

  • Arranging your board

    Start with meats, then cheese, then bowls for your jams and olives. Fill any blank space with fruits, nuts, and vegetables. Then add in your bread or crackers. You can also fill in any open spaces with fresh herbs too. And enjoy!