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It’s a question that is asked every year, Who Has All The Money From 2022?   You see the list that is printed every year and you see all the big stars making big money but according to Forbes Magazine, the list is different for 2022.

Many Factors go into the list

Just because you see a name on the list, it doesn’t mean they made that much money last year, it’s their total work.   Let’s say I’m a singer who made $500 Million Dollars last year, and boy would that be nice  Here are some factors and things I have to pay before I make money.

  • Pay The band
  • I will pay Their Insurance
  • My lawyers
  • The agent that represents me
  • My finance people and bookkeepers
  • The busses and the trucks (maintenance and fuel and drivers)
  • The food for the band
  • There’s the guy who routes the tours

and this is just a portion of what it takes to be on the road.

Now What I Have To Pay Me To Live.

My salary

Health Insurance for my family

House Payments


my cars



and just about everything you pay, the artist have to pay as well

Some Ways Artist Have Invested Their Money

Artist are just like us, they have to invest their money for their future just as we do for our retirement. Many artist have done that through owning business.

Toby Keith-Invested His Early Money In Storage Unit Rentals

Eddie Montgomery-Opened A Restaurant

George Strait-Bought Cattle and Horses

Clay Walker-Bought A Farm and Raised Turkeys, Cows and Chickens To Sell

So when you see that an artist is work $500 Million dollars, just know it didn’t happen over night  and it took years to make that money work for them and they have the same bills you and I have but in a lot of their cases, they pay a lot more in bills.

Here Comes the 2022 List Of Riches Singers In Country Music:

  • #1 Dolly at 650 Million Dollars

  • #2 We Have A 3 Way Tie at $400 Million-Garth Brooks

  • #2-Trisha Yearwood $400 Million

  • #2 Our Last Tie At $400 Million-Taylor Swift

  • #5-At 300 Million Is George Strait

  • #6 Is A Two Way Tie at $200 Million-Tim McGraw

  • #6, Part Two at $200 Million, Faith Hill

  • #8 At 120 Million-Brad Paisley

  • #9-Martina McBride

  • #10-Jon Pardi-At 8 Million Dollars