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There’s nothing like a good joke to make ya laugh. Just make sure they are appropriate for the room. We don’t want you to be getting into trouble. There are some people who always have a joke ready to go. And then there’s me, who can never remember a joke even a knock-knock joke! But isn’t it true that kids tell the best jokes?

We all have that one guy or girl at work that has a joke on their lips ready to go.  The best ever at it was the late great Zac Taylor.  Every morning walking in the back door, “Chris man, Got a joke for ya.” And that’s how he would start your day.  Miss those jokes buddy.

Who would have thought that someone could make a living telling jokes? Just ask people like Jerry Seinfeld, Larry The Cable Guy, Jeff Foxworthy, and Nikki Glaser.   The funny part is that it’s big business.  There are schools and classes where you can go and learn how to make your comedy into a business.   Just like when you see Kenny Chesney play the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta, you do that for comedy shows also.

I do have to tell you that while I love a great comedian and can sit and laugh for hours and hours, there is nothing, and I mean nothing that tops a kid telling a joke!  90 percent of the kid’s jokes make no sense but nonetheless, it’s funny, and the more you laugh at them, the crazier the jokes get.

So let’s take listen to some kids who tell jokes that are just over the top funny and some that just lay flat and are still funny!  If this gets ya going, just google or TikTok and look for kids telling jokes.  You will not regret it.