Cody on Kicks

It can be hard to really see the true nature of some of our favorite country artists.  We see them on stage, but how often do we see their day-to-day interactions? And I know that social media is often just a highlight reel for everyone– celebrity or not.  But I’ve been watching Britt and Ry-Guy on TikTok for a LONG time.  And in case you’ve never heard of them, they are a brother-sister duo that went viral on TikTok.  Britt shares a lot of videos with her and Ryan, who is autistic.  The videos are so pure and entertaining.  Well, at some point along the way, we learned that Ryan LOVES Lauren Alaina.  And I’ve come to find out that Lauren Alaina has a heart of gold… because their friendship is the sweetest, purest thing you’ll see today.

Honestly, Brittany and Ryan’s videos are some of the best there are on TikTok.  So real and unscripted. And also raising awareness about autism and acceptance.  They post videos about a little bit of everything, from doing viral TikTok dances to Ryan’s favorite sports and more.  The duo went viral a while back, and since that, have been featured on various shows and had a lot of really cool opportunities.  Some people may think Brittany uses Ryan for the notoriety, but I don’t think so.  I think it’s a beautiful thing to share with the world so more people will understand and accept those who are different than them.

Check out a few of my favorite TikToks, including the latest where Ryan gets to see Lauren again in concert.  He even gets to check out her tour bus!

What do you think? Are these videos proof that Lauren Alaina has a heart of gold?