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Growing up on a peanut farm, Luke Bryan definitely knows country life. So, it seems he would be able to spot a country poser!

And someone actually asked him about that. Luke says, “Here’s what I can unequivocally say, without a shadow of a doubt. If you sing about hunting and fishing and drinking and trucks and [crap], and I get you on my farm… in ONE minute I can tell if you’re a poser. Or if you’re not legit.”

  • Garth Brooks

    Garth Brooks made an appearance on ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’ Monday.  While there, Kelly got Garth to help her sing Billy Joel’s “New York State of Mind.” Garth actually sang most of it. Apparently, that was a song Garth sang at his historic Central Park show in 1997, where over a million people were in attendance.  That concert was dubbed “Garthstock.”

    Here’s the video of Garth and Kelly!

  • Vince Gill

    Many people noticed that Amy Grant wasn’t at Vince Gill’s “CMT Giants” taping.  When asked about how she’s doing, Vince told Entertainment Tonight that she’s doing well in her recovery from the biking accident earlier this year.  Amy was upset she had to stay home and couldn’t be there at the taping.  She is still expected to move forward with her Christmas tour later this year.