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Probably now more than ever, we have a lot of new country artists hitting the scene in a big way. We get introduced daily to new music and new artist all the time. Some stand out more than others and some really pop out. I wanted to share some of the new artist and their music that I’ve been listening to on my playlist and streams! I have a feeling you will be hearing a lot of these on Kicks 99 in the weeks and months to come, so enjoy. I’d love to know your thoughts on these or some I have missed. Email me

  • Bailey Zimmerman

    Bailey Zimmerman!

  • Hailey Whitters

    Hailey Whitters Has A Very traditional Country Sound!

  • Nate Smith.

    Nate Smith was born and raised in Paradise, California.  Nate moved to Nashville at age 23

  • Jackson Dean

    When it comes to describing Jackson Dean, I really can’t find the words or have  the room to put it all here.  When watching Jackson, you may feel like you are watching an episode of Yellowstone.   Check out Jackson, You’ll be glad you did!


  • Tiera Kennedy

    Meet Tiera Kennedy.  This girls voice is pure fire.  One to watch!

  • Jelly Roll

    Jelly Roll has a hip hop and rock back ground.  Born and raised in Nashville, he’s doing the music he grew up loving, Country!

  • Ashley Cooke

    Ashley Cooke’s voice has a natural flow to it.  She was able to get Brett Young to join her on very song, Never Til’ Now

  • Tyler Braden

    This guy is the real deal.  Just let me warn ya, get ya tissue ready for this one!

  • Zach Bryan

    I think of all the video’s and artist I’ve introduced you to here, I think this guy as the most potential to be a big Country Music Star!