You'd be surprised how relaxing reading a book is. Plus, when you take even just a 30-minute break with a book to unwind, it usually helps bring a little clarity to whatever problem you're facing. There's also the added bonus of being able to brag you've read a certain book so you can make that one snooty cousin of yours feel dumb in comparison. (Let's face it...we all have that one cousin that's just the worst.)

September is Self-Improvement month and although we are almost at the end of the month, there is always time to care for ourselves in order for us to be our best selves. I stumbled upon this definition from this post
and I really like how he described it’:

‘September is the official Self-Improvement Month because it marks the end of one era (summer) and the start of a new one (fall). Self-Improvement Month is a time to reflect on all you’ve accomplished this year before identifying which goals you still need to work toward.’

I’ve been unknowingly ‘celebrating’ this month, by changing some things in my life to make my life the best life for me. Because heck, I’m the one who has to live it so it might as well be awesome!

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Here are 5 ways that I have celebrated ‘Self-Improvement September’:

  • Rest

    I was going to put this at the bottom of the list, but it absolutely belongs at the top of the list. We are so busy being busy, that we forget that we need and deserve rest.

    If you’re like me and feel ‘guilty’ for resting or that ‘you’re wasting time’, you’re not. Resting is the absolutely best thing we can do for our minds and bodies.

  • Eating healthy

    Feeding our bodies with healthy, nutritious food is so vital for us to be our best selves. But we also don’t have to beat ourselves up when we have a cookie or eat something that’s not so healthy. Just as easy as it is to get off track with unhealthy eating, it’s just as easy to make the right choices too. Being patient with myself and all the changes I have made to the diet I have now took some time. Finding fun ways to make healthy food tasty has also been huge on my self-improvement journey. We’re so lucky to have so many resources to help us learn the best way to eat for our health.

  • Exercise

    Getting a personal trainer has been the best way to keep myself accountable and motivated. I joined a local gym and have been consistent with exercise. As intimidating as it was and has been to try new machines and workouts at the gym, it feels so good to see a physical change in myself. Your hard work for YOU will absolutely pay off if you stay disciplined and consistent. It’s an absolute game changer for me.

  • Writing

    I would say ‘journaling’, but it’s really been more about getting my thoughts and feelings out on paper. The less ‘busy’ my mind is with thoughts, the clearer I can think and focus and enjoy the moment. I have notebooks, fancy and not fancy, always available for my thoughts. Writing has helped me improve my thinking which in turn improves my entire self.

  • Creating playlists

    I like creating playlists for music as well as playlists on YouTube of my interests. Then I always have material to watch or listen to for whatever kind of mood I’m in. Doing that has definitely been good for my soul!