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Yall Come Again

I grew up in the South, and I know there are many Southern words and phrases that some people just won’t understand.  Mainly if they ain’t from ’round here, ya know?

Growing up, I had a THICK Southern accent.  All it takes is watching a minute or two of old home videos to figure that out.  After I moved away from home, I feel like I lost a little bit of my accent.  In college, I was surrounded by people from all over the place. So, I guess I just picked up a more neutral accent.

That’s not to say that my Southern accent doesn’t come out– especially with certain words or phrases! I had a boyfriend when I was in college who always told me that my accent definitely came out when I went back home to see my family.  I didn’t think it was THAT bad.  But, honestly, there’s nothin’ wrong with a good old Southern accent.

Yesterday, I stumbled across a TikTok of a woman, and her husband was asking her about a particular word she’d used.  Apparently, she’d used the word on her Instagram story, and had quite a few messages about it.  You can see that video below!  But it also got me to thinkin’ (that’s a bit Southern, don’t you think?)… I thought about a lot of other words and phrases we use and started searching for more relatable videos on TikTok.

Below, I’ve listed some of my favorites!  I know there are probably SO many more, and some I won’t share — trying to keep this PG!