Tee Gentry


Spring in Augusta means more than pollen and Sudafed, it means golf….always the first full week in April, the most prestigious golf tournament in the world brings Augusta to life with thousands of patrons filling houses and hotels along Washington Road and beyond.

Masters Fun Facts: The property Augusta National Golf Club sits on was purchased by Clifford Roberts and Bobby Jones in 1931 for …wait for it….$70,000.

-The huge oak tree behind the clubhouse was planted in the 1850’s.

-Each year, the Masters winner takes home the green jacket, but only for a year. After that, the “club coat” stays on Augusta National property
Welcome to golf week. Here are a few pics I’ve taken from previous years.

  • Golf Week

  • Darius and me at Rock Fore! Dough

  • Great Place For Lunch

  • Yep, Great Cookies, too

  • Scoreboard

  • What's Golf Week Without Azaleas?

  • Watching Golf!

  • FYI...Daly Is Usually At Hooters Golf Week