What were your weirdest pregnancy cravings? We asked the ladies of the CSRA that question this morning, and to say we got some interesting answers would be an understatement. Pretty much every woman has had some sort of craving while they were pregnant. It might’ve been something fairly normal, or something totally weird.

When my wife was pregnant, all she craved was sweet stuff. In fact, she was so concerned that something would be wrong with our daughter because all she wanted was ice cream and Milky Ways. She thought that she was doing something wrong by not really eating fruits and veggies and other “healthy” foods.

I learned this morning that my wife craving ice cream and Milky Ways was nothing compared to what some of the women in the CSRA craved. Some of these combinations were just straight-up nasty. Thankfully, for most of these women, once the pregnancy was over, that craving went away.

One lady said all she craved for 8 months was cake. Another lady told us that all she wanted her entire pregnancy was pizza rolls. Those are fairly tame compared to some of the other cravings we heard about. One lady craved cubed steak dipped in chocolate ice cream! Yes, that is 100% real!

If you’d like to check out all of the comments we got this morning, and trust me there are a lot of them, you can find those here.

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Check out this list of the CSRA’s weirdest pregnancy cravings.

  • Pizza Dipped In Country Gravy

    Maria’s craving was definitely one of the most interesting ones we heard this morning for sure. There’s no way I’d even try that!


  • Sliced Pepperoni With Chocolate Pudding

    I like both of these foods separately, but together, ehhh yeah not so much! This craving came from Jessica.


  • Vinegar Eggs And Chocolate Milk

    Brittany told us about this weird craving today. This may be one of the weirdest combos that I’ve ever heard of. Hopefully this craving went away when her pregnancy was over.

    Closeup macro of pasture raised farm fresh dozen brown eggs store bought from farmer in carton box container with speckled eggshells texture

  • Green Beans And Ketchup

    This was Jada’s weird pregnancy craving, and yeah we put emphasis on the weird part!

    Group of Heinz Ketchup bottles

  • Tuna Fish With Nacho Cheese Doritos And Yoo-Hoo

    This one came from April, and I wonder if it had the be these specific items every time! I wonder if she mixed the Doritos with the tuna and washed it down with a Yoo-Hoo? I have so many questions April!

    Doritos Flavored Beef Jerky - hands hold Doritos

  • Tomato And Peanut Butter Sandwiches

    Robin craved this. I’ve heard of people liking tomato sandwiches, and I’ve heard of people liking peanut butter sandwiches, but never mixing the two. I guess pregnancy makes you crave some weird stuff!

    Jar of Peter Pan peanut butter

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