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The Ladies Have Spoken Now Listen Men.  Marriage and long-term dating can get stale or even reach the point of ending the relationship because we stop trying as hard as we did in the beginning.   According to a recent Harris Poll, women are telling us what they think is romantic.   Guys, we all should be paying attention to this one.

The Things Women Think Are Romantic.

  1.     Candlelight dinners
  2.     Picnics in the country
  3.     Watching a sunset or sunrise
  4.     Romantic movies
  5.     Soaking in a hot bath
  6.     Dancing
  7.     Putting perfume on
  8.     Wearing silk to bed
  9.     Exercise
  10.     Reading a romance novel

.The Ladies Have Spoke Now Listen Men.  Here are 10 things that you can do for your lady to put the spark back in or just ideas to help you make your lady happy!

Even if you take just of these a month and do one or help make sure she has one of these, this is almost a year’s worth of special treatment for you lady!  Buy her the perfume she loves.  Buy her the silk she loves to wear.  Have a hot bath with her favorite drink waiting on her when she gets home.    Maybe these are your type of things to do for your lady. Let’s try another list, again, some may not apply to your relationship, but it’s the thought that counts

The Second List That Will Make Her Feel Romantic

  • Clean The House
  • Take The Kids To School or Pick Them Up
  • Clean Her Car
  • Make Sure Her Gas Tank Is Full
  • Make Dinner
  • Plan A Kids Free Weekend For Just The Two Of You
  • Buy Her Flowers For No Reason
  • Send Her A Text That Just Says, Thinking About You!

These are just a few things that can be done to put the romance back into or just to step it up a bit.  Here comes a few ideas that also may help!