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The behind-the-scenes stuff at any workplace is just the best.  The People Of Kicks 99 At Work Pranks, We are no different. We spend a lot of time with each other on a daily basis so we have to kind of have like each other.  In most cases, we act like we do. so pranks are a part of the workday.  We do keep in mind while playing pranks that they need to be fun and safe so that no one gets hurt.

Playing practical jokes can aid in:

  • Increase employee engagement
  • Increases positivity and eradicates toxicity
  • Lessen burnout and stress
  • Promotes a fun company culture
  • Influences peer bonding
  • Allows relaxation and rejuvenation
  • Decreases absenteeism
  • And just another reason to laugh

Some Prank ideas That Might Be Fun:

  • Bubble wrap a co-worker’s office or desk
  • Change out their family pictures with people they don’t know.
  • Decorate their workspace for a birthday, even when it’s not
  • Switch two people’s wireless keyboards and mouse
  • Put a doughnut box on their desk, when they open it, its full of veggies
  • How about the fake coffee spill?

If you watched the show, “The Office”, you Jim Halpert was the workplace prankster.  The estimate that fans came up with is that the pranks would have cost somewhere between $7,000.00 to $10,000.00 in the real world.  Now if we only had the time they had in the show to pull off those pranks, It would be epic.

So as you are about to see, The People Of Kicks 99 At Work Pranks are so much fun.  These Never get old.





  • They Tried To Get The Prank Master

    And I wasn’t having any of that

  • They Tried Again

    Mary Liz just knew she was going to get me.  Wrong again!

  • Cody Was A Victim Also

    I even waited in her office to pull this prank off.

  • Got Her Twice!

    As you can see, I wasn’t alone in this one!

  • My Favorite Target, Mary Liz

    These never get old!

  • Everyone Gets In On The Mary Liz Pranks

    Maybe I need a hobby or I should go to work

  • No One Is Safe

    Even the promotions people

  • This One Took Some Work

    Props, editing and it was all worth it.

  • This One Was Really Fun

    I think I stood there for about 30 minutes waiting to pull this one off

  • Even Got Tee

    To be 100 % honest, This was just an accident video.

  • Even The Sales People Aren't Safe

    Just too funny!

  • She Tried To Get Me And It Backfired

    She needs more work

  • Got Her

    She can’t win with me!

  • She Thought She Had Me

    Got her and got her good!

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