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Football movies are some of my favorites. College football season started this past weekend, and the NFL is back tomorrow. Sometimes football movies help me get through until the season starts. A good football movie is one I can watch over and over and still get excited about. This is a list of my favorite football movies. Are there any you think I missed? These are in no particular order, just my favorites.

  • Any Given Sunday

    This is a great football movie. It has a ton of action, and Al Pacino gives a game speech in it that makes me want to run through a wall every time I hear it!

  • Friday Night Lights

    There is nothing like high school football in Texas! I never get tired of this movie, plus it features Tim McGraw’s acting debut.

  • Rudy

    If you’re making a list of football movies, and “Rudy” isn’t on it, your list is not complete!

  • The Blind Side

    Another one that never gets old. In my opinion this is one of Sandra Bullock’s best movies. I love all of the cameos by the college football coaches too.

  • Remember The Titans

    If you asked me what my all time favorite football movie is, this is the one. “Remember The Titans” will never ever get old.