Entertainment News

Trace Adkins found out he had Covid . . . WHILE he was kissing Susan Sarandon. They were filming a scene in “Monarch” when the producers burst in and said Trace had just tested positive. Trace was worried that he might KILL Susan, but she never got sick because she had “like eight vaccinations.” (CMT)

  • Blake Shelton

    People magazine says Blake Shelton is launching a new clothing line with Lands End Outlet. He says, “Let’s all face it, nobody thinks about fashion when they think of me. They probably think of the outdoors, or country lifestyle, or drinking, or all the things that come along with my brand that I’ve established over the last 20 years. Every time we had a meeting on Zoom or anything, even though the Lands’ End people didn’t know it, Gwen was always standing off to the side going, ‘Yes. Do that. No, don’t do that. Do this. Do that. You wouldn’t do that because of…’ She has a vision about clothes that I could never have and what would be authentic to me. She sees what I put on every day, even though I don’t think about it. She thinks a lot about it, because she’s so into it. It was very helpful.”

  • Luke Combs

    Luke Combs tells Music Mayhem magazine that one of the first things he did after making it big was pay off his parents’ home. “I remember calling my parents and being like, ‘I’m paying your house off.’ And they were like, ‘What? You can’t. No. Don’t do that.’ And I was like, ‘No. I’m doing it. That’s what I’m doing.’ I had everything I needed and not a lot of what I wanted. I’ll put it that way. Paying them back by paying off their house was the coolest thing ever.”