Tee Gentry


I wanted to share my parents’ love story in honor of Valentine’s Day.

She said, “It was Valentine’s Day 1950.” My mom told me this story a few years back, and I love it.

“You know, your dad asked me to marry him on Valentine’s Day. We went to his Aunt’s store outside of Seneca and we bought Cokes and Baby Ruth candy bars. We both loved Baby Ruth’s. We left her store in his beautiful green and white 1947 Chevrolet and he pulled over on Coneross Creek bridge and asked me to marry him.”

They were married three days later. Sweet story. Beautiful marriage. Dad passed away 33 years ago. Mom still smiles when she speaks of him.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Mom… and Dad.

I hope you enjoyed this memory of my parents’ love story and have a great Valentine’s Day with the ones you love. See more photos of them below… and even one of Little Tee!


  • Mom (Margie)

  • Dad (Herman)

  • Mom in South Carolina

  • Mom and Dad's Mistake (Me) Ha! This is in Hawaii