Tee Gentry


Tee earned his Waffle House in training badge. Think he can master the secret ordering system that makes those cooks so efficient?

Waffle House Secrets! There’s just something great about the smothered, covered, sliced, diced greasy spoon food that our friends there offer up 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

But have you ever wondered how Waffle House cooks get like, EVERYTHING right as waitresses are calling out order after order?

No matter what crazy things you seem to throw at them, the cooks just nail it.

We got the scoop, thanks, in part, to TikTok of course, and it’s pretty cool how they pull all these off.  It’s all about the condiments and some ingredients.

“Yes, it’s really important, and while it’s a secret, like the Coca-Cola recipe, we hide it in plain sight,” said Waffle House Director of Public Relations, Njeri Boss, in a statement to Nexstar. “There really isn’t a better system than what we do. It’s fast. It’s quite easy to learn.”

Waffle House has of course been well known for being involved in secrets. Like the super-not-so-secret weather monitoring index that the Federal Emergency Management Agency – FEMA – uses to help determine where things are really bad. Waffle House’s don’t tend to shut down unless it’s REALLY bad, and/or they can’t get supplies in to keep operations up and going. That makes them the perfect metric for figuring out whether FEMA should have more resources in an area.

But what all happens behind the scenes with these Waffle House secrets to get your order right? Here’s the deal:



  • Secret #1

    When an order is called out for scrambled eggs, watch next time. The cook will put a plate in front of the grill and put a jelly packet on the bottom of the plate vertically. That means the customer wants their eggs scrambled.

    Picture of Waffle House meal in front of Waffle House mug

  • Secret #2

    Want sunny side up eggs, the cook will put the jelly container at the top of the plate. 

    Eggs being fried on griddle

  • Secret #3

    Upside down jelly means wheat toast and a few pieces of hash browns on a plate means no hash browns, this order wants grits instead. I know, that one seems a tad confusing.

    Waffle House to-go cup for grits

  • Secret #4

    Butter next to jelly means this order gets a biscuit instead of toast.

    Three biscuits

  • Secret #5

    If you order grits, but want them in a bowl instead of on the plate, watch them put a napkin at the top of the plate. 


  • Secret #6

    Two pickles, placed at the bottom of a plate is a breakfast sandwich with bacon. Move the pickles to the left, right or top of the plate and it indicates different meats or no meat at all.


  • Secret #7

    A horizontal ketchup packet on the center of the plate means a sirloin. Move the packet up or down on plate for one of the steaks five different temperatures.