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Today’s “Country Music Fact Of The Day” is from a guy who changed Country music in the 1980’s. Country music in the early to mid-80s was a very soft and easy kind of country. You still had Haggard, Jones, Waylon & Conway still wearing the hat and preaching the facts about traditional country music.

On June 6th of 1986 Warner Brothers Records Nashville released “Storms Of Life” by Randy Travis. The first radio song from “Storms Of Life” Was “On The Other Hand”, A song Keith Whitley put on his 1985 record “LA To Miami”. It peaked at number 67 on the chart. The record company then released to country radio, 1982 which went to number 6 on the country music charts.

Something that had never been done before in country music was about to happen. Warner Brothers Records Nashville believed so much in the song “On The Other Hand” and re-released it to country radio and it went to number one! Then came “Diggin’ Up Bones” Went to number 1, and then “No Place Like Home” Went to number 2 on the charts.

“Storms of Life” went on to sell 3 Million albums and had 16 number one songs. Randy Travis went on sell 25 million albums, won seven Grammy Awards, six CMA Awards, eleven ACM Awards, 10 AMA Awards, eight GMA Dove Awards, and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In 2016, Randy was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Randy Travis changed country music, yes he did!

  • On The Other Hand

    The One That Started It All For Randy

  • 1982

    1982, This Song Is Full Twang!

  • Diggin' Up Bones

    I wish I knew how many cassette tapes I wore out listening to this one!

  • There's No Place Like Home

    This is one of those gut getters!  LOL