MaRynn Taylor: A Newcomer Learning From Her Heroes

Country music newcomer MaRynn Taylor just released a new song that she co-wrote with a couple of good friends called "In My Head." We chatted with MaRynn, and she told us about the new tune and the fact that she was a little jittery releasing it. She told us, "It is a new wave of songs that I am releasing. It's a very honest song. It's a song that I was kinda nervous about posting and releasing because I was really sharing my feelings on that one, and it's very vulnerable." She continued, "My thought process behind it was if you were to think of your mind as a house, what would it look like on the inside? Is it different? Is it the same? Everybody's different. My favorite hook in it is, 'I'm the one paying rent for living in my head.' I love that line, and I hope people can relate to the song." [inlink id="kelsea-ballerini-screenshots-dm-meeting-boyfriend" text="RELATED: Kelsea Ballerini Screenshots DM Of Meeting Boyfriend"] The young 22-year-old singer and songwriter was inspired by Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood to be a country singer. MaRynn said of Swift, "She was young when she first started out, and I got her CDs. I saw her in an interview when I was really young, and she was talking about the females in the country music industry and being young. She was like, 'I like listening to the young people, and I like listening to the females, and I don't know why there is a problem with it.' And I felt the same way." MaRynn said of her love for Underwood, "I feel like Carrie; her voice is just something I gravitated towards at a really young age. I had the Carnival Ride album, and I remember the cover was yellow, and it was so good." Carrie also helped the young singer appreciate the Grand Ole Opry. MaRynn made her Opry debut performance in June. She told us, "I grew up listening to the Grand Ole Opry on the radio. It was just something I always loved to do. Carrie helped me fall in love with the atmosphere and the energy that the Opry brings and all the legends that have stood on that stage." [select-gallery gallery_id="554786" syndication_name="country-stars-who-embrace-the-grand-ole-opry" description="no"]

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