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Georgia Has One of the Deadliest Lakes in the U.S.

In Georgia, we're blessed to be surrounded by beauty and nature. Last weekend, I went to visit my uncle, who lives off a lake. It was a great time, even though it was pretty cold outside. Still, sitting along the lake and watching the ripples and currents was such a peaceful experience. But, I got to thinking, how dangerous are lakes across America? As it turns out, Georgia has one of the deadliest lakes in all of America. Before we get to our state, let's look at another state that has lots of lakes: Michigan. According to the Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project, 15 people have already died in the Great Lakes in 2023. Think about the fact that the season hasn't even started yet, and that's pretty incredible. A total of 108 people drowned in the Great Lakes in 2022. Also, a whopping 1,170 people have died in the Great Lakes since 2010. It's a reminder to stay safe out there and take precautions when the waters get rough. My Michigan Beach has some simple tips to stay safe in the water this year. They say to, "Never swim alone; swim with lifeguards and/or water watchers present. Wear a U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jacket appropriate for your weight and size and the water activity. Always wear a life jacket while boating, regardless of swimming skill. Swim sober." My Michigan Beach also notes that the Great Lakes are freshwater seas, meaning, "the water can change quickly." Find more tips on how to stay safe on the beach this summer here. Georgia Has One of the Deadliest Lakes in America Read on for the deadliest lakes in all of America, including one which is right here. Have you visited any of the lakes below? Reach out to us on social media and let us know.

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