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This was before we left the house... he had NO idea we were going anywhere. I actually had to go get him out of the bedroom, because he was back there laying down with his brother!

We talked about my newest puppy this morning – Baby Waylon!  My fiancé found him on his job site back in September. And he’s come so far in the few months we’ve had him. The full rescue story can be found HERE. We’re guessing he’s around 6-7 months old now.  The last time I was able to weigh him a few weeks ago, he was about 43 pounds.  But he’s probably closer to 50 now, at least! And he’s actually become a pretty good snuggler too!  At first, he was so afraid of humans, but I wanted him to be cuddly.  It took a while, but he often jumps up in my recliner with me or snuggles next to me in bed.

The latest development… belly rubs!  He’s learned that those feel pretty dang good!  The other night I walked toward him, and he rolled over a bit to expose his belly for some rubs.  I said, “Well, that’s new!”  I think he’s figured out that being a domestic pup isn’t such a bad thing!

Another thing… he’s started hiking his leg to potty at times!  The first time he did it, I made such a big deal about it, he had to show the new skill off about 5 or 6 more times on that walk!

While I wasn’t mentally prepared to take on a third pup, it’s amazing how well he’s fit into our lives… and just how much I love him!  I can’t imagine life without the little guy now!

Enjoy these photos from the past few months of Baby Waylon!