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Maddie has plenty of books, and it looks like she's starting to get into them, which makes Kelsey and me really happy.

I figured it’s been a while since I’ve given y’all a baby update, so here is what Maddie has been up to. One of the questions I get most often is “How’s the baby?” I love answering that question. If you’ve ever asked me that, you know my answer is always followed by showing a bunch of pictures. She’s going to be 16 months old next week. How does that seem possible? Time is flying for sure. It’s so crazy how she’s learning more every day, and how she’s developing her own little personality. These are some of the things she’s doing now.

Walking Like A Boss

Maddie loves walking. She loves being on the move. In fact, anytime we try to keep her still she gets mad. When I say keeping her still I mean when she’s getting changed or eating. She hates sitting still. Anywhere we go, whether it’s a store or a restaurant, she wants to walk around and explore. Kelsey and I love it. We love that she’s so curious about her environment.

Talking Up A Storm

For being 16 months old, Maddie is saying a lot. She’s got “mama” and “dada” down, she even sings those words now. It’s really cool, we’ll sing her these little songs and melodies, and she’ll sing them right back to us. She loves music! Pretty much every time we’re heading home from daycare in the afternoon she’s making noise in the backseat. We’ll be listening to a song and she’ll be doing her version of singing along.

Medical Roller Coaster

I’m not going to lie, these last few months haven’t been super easy. You might remember us talking about Maddie getting ear tubes last year. Well, unfortunately, she’s still been getting ear infections. On top of that, we’ve been dealing with runny noses and even had a bout with tonsillitis. Thankfully, she’s getting her adenoids out next week, and hopefully, that should help with a lot of the issues she’s been having lately. I know it’s a routine procedure, but we’d still appreciate any prayers y’all could throw our way. Praying it’ll go smoothly and she’ll heal quickly and not deal with these issues in the future.

And like I said before, any baby update that I give you will come with pictures. I’ve got those coming.

Here are some more of the 16-month milestones.

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