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Baby Maddie is 8 months old now. Where is the time going? Its truly amazing how fast she’s growing and  how much she’s learning. It sounds cliche, but every day is truly a new adventure with this little girl. I love being able to give y’all these monthly updates and let you know how she’s doing and what she’s been up to. Thank you so much for caring enough to read these.

Maddie loves standing right now. She loves being in her jumper, we call it her “jump jump”, and she also loves being in her walker. She’s really good at both of them. Kelsey and I think that she will just start walking at some point. Maddie doesn’t really have any interest in crawling, her teachers at daycare think the same thing.

One of my favorite things to do is make Maddie laugh. Her laugh is my favorite thing on the planet. The fact that she’s finding things funny is awesome. Any time I find something that makes her laugh, I keep doing it as long as she’ll laugh at it. Hopefully she finds daddy funny for years to come. I want to keep hearing that laugh.

We have dealt with some issues this past month. Maddie has had a couple of ear infections and a bout of pink eye. She hasn’t started teething just yet, but Kelsey and I think that it could happen pretty much any time now. She’s still loving her purees, and we’re starting to give her regular food to try as well. So far she’s had scrambled eggs, rice and blueberries. I think the blueberries have been her favorite.

My wife and I can’t wait to see what the next month holds in store. If you’d like to check out more of Maddie’s pictures and videos, just click here.

Baby Maddie is 8 months old now, and here are some of our favorite new pictures of her.

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