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The Kicks Wake Up Krew

Pre-pandemic, many people would just drive to the airport and park their car there. Now, with an influx of cars trying to do the same thing, reserve your spot ahead of time online.

We found out this morning that Augusta drivers have some weird stuff in their cars. Check out this list of some of the weirdest stuff. The way that we got on the topic was my wife’s car. You never know what you’re going to find in there. Water bottles, coffee cups, clothes, baby toys, who knows what you’ll find.

For some reason I have three pairs of sunglasses in my truck right now, and I’m not sure why. However, that pales in comparison to some of the things that y’all had in your cars this morning. The question we asked was, whats the weirdest thing in your car right now? As always, y’all didn’t disappoint with your calls and Facebook comments.

Some of the things we heard were a green toilet seat and a panini press. It didn’t end there though, we also heard that one person had a fishing pole in their car. Another weird thing someone had in their car this morning is a folding shovel and a folding potty. I have so many questions.

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We learned this morning that Augusta drivers have some weird stuff in their cars. These were some of our favorites.

  • A 65 Year Old Baby Rattle

    Jessica said it was her dad’s and she keeps it in every car she drives. Jessica said her dad is her guardian angel and she keeps the rattle to remind her of him.

  • A Portable Ultrasound Machine

    Thankfully Erin works in the medical field, so that doesn’t make it super strange. However, if she didn’t work in the medical field that would make it a lot weirder.

  • Hair Extensions And A Random Mannequin Head

    Kelly is a hair stylist so that makes sense. If she wasn’t then I’d have some questions.

  • Corn Hole Boards

    Amanda sent us this one. I guess she’s just always ready to party. If a situation presents itself to play corn hole, Amanda is ready!

  • Coffee Maker

    Tess is a substitute teacher, and brings her own coffee maker with her everywhere. At least she’ll always be well caffeinated.

  • Crock Pot

    CJ keeps a crock pot with him all the time. He said sometimes he cooks his lunch in it at work. I guess it beats warming stuff up in the microwave.

  • A Caricature Of My Dad

    Wendy sent this one in. I have questions. Why is the caricature with you? Why isn’t it with your dad?

  • Corn Cob Holders

    This one came from Marcy. I guess you never know when that random corn cob might come into your life. When it does Marcy is going to have something to hold it with.

  • A Jawbone I Found Outside

    Brianna sent us this one, and I think it takes the cake. Is its human jawbone or an animal jawbone? Why’d you pick it up? Why’d you take it with you? Just so many whys!

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