Tee Gentry

Just across the Savannah River from South Carolina, the rain comes down at the Augusta National Golf Club.

This past weekend was a rainy one. Well, off and on, but the off-and-on rainy weekends are still a washout for me because you can’t make plans, and it could start raining at any time. But a rainy day in South Carolina can be good for you.

There are plenty of things you can do that you may not do if it’s a sunny day.

Rainy Day In South Carolina

When rain is forecasted for the weekend, it’s a reason to hang out at the house and just do much of nothing. I often feel guilty if I do that, but rain gives me an excuse to do just that. Nothing. We all need to chill and relax every once in a while. Most of us don’t do that enough.

We are all pedaling as fast as we can and can’t stop. With the mortgage, car payment, insurance, groceries, and other expenses, we must keep going and make that dollar to live.

That’s why I welcome a good rain. I call it God’s privacy fence. Think about it: no one rings your doorbell when it’s raining. No friends, neighbors, no one. Unless it’s UPS with your item from Amazon that you thought you needed but will never use is being delivered.

We should have a couple of rainy days a week, even if it doesn’t rain. Do something for you. Being lazy isn’t a bad thing. We should do it more often.

Order a pizza and don’t feel guilty. Have a day drink, if you’re into that, sit on the back porch and take it all in. Just live in the moment. The laundry, that oil change, getting caught up on something at work, all of that can wait because it’s a rain day.

What are your favorite things to do on a rainy weekend? Some of these things are healthy.

Here are 5 reasons a rain day can be good for all of us, according to Bustle.com

  • Catch Up On A Good Read

    Boredom can make you get creative to pass the time. This weekend, I started reading a new book, and I don’t read books very often. There was noting else to do, and you know what? I enjoyed it.

  • Your Grass Gets Greener

    Luke Bryan said it best: rain is a good thing. With fresh fertilizer put out on my grass Friday, Saturday’s rain was welcomed at my house. I know we can water our lawn at any time, but as I always was say,  rain is the best, especially coming on a Saturday with some thunder thrown in.

  • It Keeps The Bad Guys Away

    Statistics show that violent crimes go down by 45% when it rains.

  • Back Porches Were Made For This

    Come on! Is there anything better than sitting on your back porch watching the rain with some wings on the grill?

  • That After Rain Smell

    There are after-rain scents and essential oils for sale out there, but nothing compares to the real thing. Nothing smells better!

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