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Georgia Has One of the Best ‘Hidden’ Vacation Spots

One Georgia area has been named one of the best "hidden" vacation spots in America by travel experts. It's appropriate, because this state is simply beautiful in the summer. Well, Georgia is actually lovely no matter the time of year, but summer is an especially great time to take in all the splendor of this great state. Travel Experts Say Georgia Has One of the Best 'Hidden' Vacation Spots Iablueprint.com has put together a tally of the best "hidden" vacation spots in America. "In a world where travel often feels like it’s been mapped out and Instagrammed from every angle, discovering hidden vacation spots can add a spark of excitement to your travel plans," they state. "Whether you’re seeking secluded beaches, serene natural landscapes, or charming small towns, the United States is filled with hidden gems waiting to be explored." That's so true. What's great is that they highlighted one Georgia area as a must-see "hidden" destination. Before we get to the Georgia area that made the cut, it's worth pointing out that the experts at ExploreGeorgia.org have an article highlighting several Georgia destinations as "unbelievable hidden gems." In it, they write, "Sometimes you take a trip to experience a place where everyone else has been." They add, "And sometimes, you take a trip to discover something new, someplace a little hard to get to or somewhere full of unexpected surprises." At the top of their list is Pasaquan, where "visitors are wowed by the Technicolor mash-up of Native American and African–influenced sculptures, murals, totems, and painted structures, surrounded by more than 900 feet of brilliantly decorated masonry walls." They're also a fan of Providence Canyon State Park, otherwise known as Georgia's "Little Grand Canyon." This area is beautiful, offering 10 miles of stunning hiking trails with lots of wildlife and foliage. So, which Georgia area was named one of the best "hidden" vacation spots in America by Iablueprint.com? It's Cumberland Island. They gush about the nostalgic nature of the island, writing, "Step back in time and discover the unspoiled beauty of Cumberland Island, Georgia’s largest barrier island." They add, "Accessible only by ferry, this remote paradise is home to pristine beaches, maritime forests, and historic ruins." They also mention that because this island has limited development, it's really like getting away to a nature paradise. I'm happy to see so many deserving Georgia areas getting this kind of attention. Put them on your travel to-do list.

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