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WATCH: Morgan Wallen Makes Acting Debut In ‘7 Summers’ Mini Movie

Morgan Wallen's latest project pushes him further as an artist, venturing into the world of acting. The video for his latest song, '7 Summers,' is an 8-minute film that shows Morgan playing the part of a teenager at a crossroads. Forced to choose between a successful career and the girl that he loves, the story follows Morgan's struggle to make a decision. '7 Summers' and his current single, 'More Than My Hometown,' are both from a new album, which Morgan says will be released in early 2021. ICYMI: Morgan has been vocal about his desire to return to touring, after post-election protests drew large crowds with no social distancing.  [gallery ids="142771,147685,182063,183640,183638,182437,183647,189381,183651,202354"]

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