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I thought it was time for a 17 month toddler update. Everyone always asks me how Maddie is doing, so I figured I’d let y’all in on what she’s been doing lately. I’ll be honest the past month has been a bit of a roller coaster. There have been some awesome moments, and there have been some pretty rough ones as well.

How’s The Baby?

This question gets asked more than any other, and I don’t mind at all. I love talking about our daughter. It’s awesome that people care enough about my wife, me, and our daughter to ask. Giving updates and showing her latest pictures are two of my favorite things. Also when someone asks how Maddie is, I get to ask if we’re the only ones who went through whatever it is we may be going through at the time. Getting advice from other parents has been super helpful. It’s nice to know you’re not alone.

Surgery And Sleep Regressions

We talked about it on the show a few times, Maddie had her adenoids taken out and got a new set of ear tubes a little over a month ago. Let me tell y’all, those few weeks after surgery kicked our butts. Of course, she was healing from surgery, but I think we also hit a sleep regression at the same time. She was just really cranky for weeks, and we think it stemmed from the fact that she wasn’t sleeping well. Maddie has started sleeping a little better. It’s still not quite as good as it was before surgery, but we’re slowly but surely getting there.

New Milestones

All Maddie wants to do right now is be mobile. She just wants to walk and run and explore. Anytime we go to a store, she stays in the stroller for about 5 minutes. Then she wants to run around and see everything. Kelsey and I have to tag team it. One of us follows Maddie while the other one shops for whatever we went to the store to get.

Maddie is also talking up a storm now. She’s added a bunch of new words to her vocabulary including “happy”, “baby”, “hello”, and more that I know I’m forgetting at the moment. Another thing she loves now is going to the playground. For a while, she wasn’t about it, but now she absolutely loves it. The slide seems to be her favorite so far.

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17 Month Toddler Update

Of course this update comes with some new pictures. Hope y’all enjoy them, and thanks again for caring about our family.

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