2023 Hispanic Festival and More Happening This Weekend in Augusta

Even though summer is over, that doesn't mean the fun weekends have to be over with it! If you need to find some things to do this weekend in Augusta, September 29-October 1? We've got you! How about the 2023 Hispanic Festival? This festival is a way to gather and promote the Hispanic culture in the CSRA. And how to preserve it for years to come! When we think of festivals we think of food, music, and community. This festival here is no different. This festival focuses on five 5 key ways to ensure the community is satisfied: Traditions- Just like any other thing, traditions begin with an idea, that is then passed down from generation to generation. That is what this festival is all about, an Augusta tradition to help continue and cultivate the Hispanic culture within the community. Keeping the tradition alive! Wellness and Health- In any culture health and wellness is very important. At this festival, they want to bring resources to the forefront to be able to connect with the community. This could also be a door to a better lifestyle. Workforce Connections - It's not always what you know, but who you know. When it comes to the workforce that is a big thing - they want to bridge the gap between employees and employers by allowing them to receive the necessary resources for guidance. Community - Community as previously stated is a huge component. This is a way to stay in tune and support local businesses, such as realtors, local restaurants, and Hispanic-ran businesses. Even being able to connect the community with resources to vote if wish to do so. Education - Every day is a chance to learn something new. Be connected with ESL classes, scholarships, and more. If you want to experience this vibrant festival, keep your calendars open for Friday, September 29, or Saturday, September 30. But the weekend events don't stop there, check out what other things to do in Augusta this weekend.

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