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She's an angel. She's perfect in every way.

Yesterday my wife and I went to the doctor for the third anatomy scan on Baby Maddie. Yep, you heard that right, the third anatomy scan! If you’ll remember back to some of the previous updates, during the first anatomy scan our daughter refused to uncross her legs, so the doctor couldn’t get a good look at some of her vital organs. So we had to go back for a second anatomy scan.

On this scan she did uncross her legs and they could see everything they needed to see… except her right hand! They couldn’t get a good look at her hand so guess what that means? Another anatomy scan for mommy and daddy! The third scan was yesterday and I can report that our daughter does have two hands!

We also heard and saw her heartbeat, which was around 141 beats per minute. We found out she’s measuring around the 54th percentile, so she’s right in the middle of other babies that are as far along as she is. We also got to see her face again, which was crazy! Her face is wayyyy more developed now than it was a month ago. Kelsey thinks that she has her lips and my nose.

Another thing that was really cool, we got to see her open her mouth on video! Was she yawning? Was she eating? Was she telling us to stop bothering her with the sonogram? I don’t know, but it was sooo cool to see. She’s growing like she should. she’s healthy and we can’t wait to meet her! Here are a few new pictures of Madelyn Grace.