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We had to get Baby Maddie a pumpkin for her first Halloween.

Today is Baby Maddie’s First Halloween! My wife and I are really excited to celebrate with her. She’s just a little over 6 weeks old, so we won’t be taking her trick or treating. She’ll be on candy duty with mom and dad this year, but she will be dressed up. We were wondering what to dress her as. Originally she was supposed to be born on October 7th, so she would’ve only been 3 weeks or so old. It’s hard to find Halloween costumes for babies that small.

However, when she was born September 16th, my wife knew she’d be over six weeks old. She knew that Maddie would be a little bigger, and able to wear a costume now! But what costume to get, that was the question. We had a lot of great suggestions from people here at the station, and a lot of y’all out there. Kelsey found a costume online, and it was perfect.

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Happy Halloween from Kelsey and I as well as the cutest little Minnie Mouse ever! We hope y’all have a fun and safe Halloween. Enjoy some pics of Baby Maddie’s First Halloween.