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Maddie really has been doing great lately! We love this little girl more than she'll ever know!

Here’s an 18 month update on our daughter Maddie. It really is crazy how fast she’s growing up. Honestly, it seems like every day she’s doing something new. One of the questions I still get often is “How’s the baby?” Well, she turned 18 months old about a week and a half ago, and I just realized that I haven’t given y’all an update in a while.

Maddie’s Latest Milestones

First of all, let me thank y’all for following our parenting journey. Thanks for reading these updates, and caring enough to ask about her. Maddie is doing and saying so much, I hope I can remember everything. First of all, she is talking a lot more, and she is starting to repeat things more. We’re getting to that point where we have to really watch what we say around her. Some of Maddie’s favorite words to say right now are ‘nana’ or banana, ‘tato’ or potato, and ‘no no’.

She’s started smiling and telling me ‘no no’ when I ask her if she wants to do something. Maddie is only 18 months old, and already she’s telling me no. It really is the cutest thing though. One of Maddie’s favorite things to do right now is go to the playground, and go down the slide! She absolutely loves it.

Another thing she loves doing right now is exploring. If Kelsey and I take Maddie to a store, she doesn’t just want to sit in the stroller anymore. Maddie wants to explore and see everything and touch everything. Kelsey and I have to tag team store visits right now. One of us goes to shop for what we went for, and the other one looks after Maddie.

Health Update

During this 18 month update I wanted to make sure that we talked about Maddie’s health and medical stuff. If y’all have read some of the previous updates then you know it’s been a crazy road. She’s had two sets of ear tubes, and she had her adenoids taken out earlier this year. I’m happy to report all is well at the moment. No real problems, and she’s sleeping through the night pretty much every night. Maddie has been dealing with some allergy issues, but who of us hasn’t with all of this pollen. Also, we’re about to get some new teeth so she’s been a little cranky because of that. However, other than that she’s great!

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Of course, every update comes with pictures…

Maddie’s 18 Month Update

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