It’s true, there seems to be a “holiday” for everything. In some cases, there are multiple days that celebrate similar things. For example, May 2nd is considered National Brothers and Sisters Day. But that’s not the only day to celebrate our siblings. There’s National Siblings Day, celebrated on April 10th. Then there are days to celebrate just sisters, just brothers, and even days to celebrate big sisters and big brothers.

Siblings often share a strong bond from growing up together. But of course, there are instances where it can go the opposite direction and siblings may drift apart. Then there’s the fact that families can often be very different due to marriages and divorces, which may lead to half siblings or step siblings.

History Of National Brothers And Sisters Day

Regardless of siblings being full, half, or step, there is a bond. And National Brothers and Sisters Day is a day to celebrate the relationships. It can be a day to connect, or reconnect, with your siblings and remind them how much you care about them.

According to National Today, the day was inspired by a woman who unfortunately lost her brother. After losing him, she realized just how little she had expressed her love and admiration for him. It was a solemn reminder that life is short and it’s easy to lose sight of what’s important to us.

National Brothers And Sisters Day isn’t a commercial holiday. But it was simply a day marked to remind us to stop and acknowledge our siblings. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture. If you don’t live close by, maybe you simply shoot your siblings a text or call them up.

Of course, if you and your siblings do live close, you could always plan to get together. And you can also post some fun photos on social media to show them off!

And if you don’t have siblings, maybe you have a close friend or relative that was like a sibling to you… that counts too!

Family Ties

When I saw it was National Brothers and Sisters Day, I immediately went to my Facebook page to dig up some photos of me and my sisters. I don’t have any brothers, but I do have one friend who was like a brother to me when I was growing up. And now I have two brothers-in-law too!

I’m the youngest of three girls. There’s Brooke, who’s the oldest, then Brandi, then me. We’re all about 2 years apart in age. Fun fact, we were all born on the 12th day of the month. The 12th of September for Brooke, the 12th of April for Brandi, and the 12th of November for me.

So, in honor of National Brothers and Sisters Day, here are some “blast from the past” photos of me and my sisters, with a few of my brothers-in-law thrown in… and my friend who is like a brother!

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