Chris O’Kelley

Chris O’Kelley

Seneca, South Carolina, that’s my hometown.  I’m proud to call Seneca my hometown.  As the years have passed, I don’t get back as much as I would like.  When I do, a feeling of comfort always comes over me.  I’m home.  While it has grown and changed so much since I left in the early 90s to pursue my radio career, it really hasn’t changed at all.  I still get asked if I’m Sammy and Mildred’s boy at least one time when I go home.

Seneca was the type of town where every one knew everyone.  If you did something when you were not with your family, your parents would know about it before you got home.  The men and the ladies in the church could discipline you just as your parents would.    Sunday morning, Sunday Night and Wednesday Night’s were meant for Church and nothing else.  Friday night was high school football.  Saturday was you spent all day cleaning your car so you could just sit in the Bi-Lo parking lot till mid night talking with your friends.

The same Bi-Lo parking lot where when the police rode through would always say, How’s ya daddy doing?  Meaning, you mess up, I’m calling our parents.  That was all that would be needed to be said.  Did we pull a fast one from time to time, yes we did.  Did we get caught, sometimes, did they call our parents, Yes they did.

Famous People From Seneca, South Carolina

  • John Edwards-North Carolina Senator and Ran For President
  • Bennie Cunningham-Played For the Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Willie Aikens- Played Baseball For The California Angels, Kansas City Royals, and Toronto Blue Jays.
  • Lindsey Graham-Senior South Carolina State Senator
  • Tee Gentry-Radio Personality, Yes Tee and I Are From The Same Home Town

Seneca’s population was around 6,000 people.   Today it’s around 8,500 people according to the 2020 census.  We didn’t’ have McDonalds and Wendy’s until much later.  We grew up with the Time Drive Inn, Leonard’s, and The Blue Flame.  Today, there seems to be more fast food and chains that local eatery’s.

We had Belk, Bergens for clothes.  We had a Roses and T.G.& Y  and Harpers 5 & 10 back in the day.  If we wanted to do real shopping we had to to Anderson South Carolina which was about 42 miles from Seneca.  They had a Mall.  Look out!

I wouldn’t trade where I grew up and where I’m from for all the money in the world.  Being from Seneca, made me who I am today and I’m really good with that.  Here are some pictures from my town, Seneca, South Carolina.

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