Cody on Kicks

These are actually kinda cool... they were made out of wood!

Over the weekend, I did a trail run – S’morevivor 2022!  The event took place at Camp Tanglewood in Augusta.  Overall, the event includes a 5K trail run, along with a team challenge.  Personally, I just signed up for the 5K.  Mainly because I’ve never done a team challenge– plus, you kind of need a team for that!

I actually signed up just over a week ahead of the event. It’s been a while since I signed up for any running events, and I have really missed it.  There’s something different about having races on the calendar to work towards!

I have only done maybe one or two “trail runs” before.  One that I remember for sure.  I wasn’t really planning to break any time goals or anything, just wanted to do a race.

Man, I was NOT prepared for this trail run.  There’s a big difference between road running and trail running.  Especially after a nice, big rain! Yikes!


Most of my runs are done on the treadmill or on the Greeneway. So running on gravel, dirt, and grass presents some unique challenges. And since it’d rained pretty heavily the night before… let’s talk MUD!

If you’ve never walked or attempted to run on mud… I will tell you- It’s like ICE! As soon as I started to run in it– I knew I better find some drier ground or slow to a walk.  Honestly, I almost fell a few times– and while I knew my feet and legs would get muddy, I didn’t want to get completely covered in it!  And mud combined with a downhill? Oh that’s even more treacherous!

You’d think gravel would be better, right? Well, in some respects, it is.  But, you definitely have to watch your footing and try not to twist your ankle! And gravel that’s slight wet and downhill… definitely doesn’t ensure safe footing!

The grassy parts of the trail weren’t so bad.  But you still have to watch out!  I will say, I almost got taken out by a pine cone or rock a few times.  I just kept thinking, “Don’t twist your ankle or break your foot!”

Overall, Camp Tanglewood is a beautiful place!  But I’m pretty sure trail running isn’t quite for me.  Not that I won’t ever do it again… but it’s not going to be my first choice!

The rest of the morning they hosted the team challenge, with all sorts of fun challenges and activities.  I didn’t get to see a lot of that, but everyone seemed to have a great time.

A few things I need to remember if there is a next time?

  • Wear older shoes… and clothes!
  • Bring a poncho maybe?
  • BUG SPRAY! I am itching so badly from SO many bug bites!
  • Bring a change of clothes… or at least different shoes!

Check out a few photos I captured below!