Halloween is quickly approaching. And when it comes to choosing the best Halloween candy, it can be tough.  There are so many great candies to choose from, whether you prefer chocolate, sweet, or sour! So how about a fun way to pick out candy?  Like, looking to the stars. What is the best Halloween candy based on your zodiac sign? Whether you believe in zodiac signs or not, this is an interesting and fun way to see what candy to pick.

Some people believe zodiac signs can tell a lot about a person – our desires, our preferences, even greater insight into our personality traits, and more.  But for others, it can just be something fun with no deeper meaning behind it.  The folks at Eat This, Not That! decided to dive into Halloween candy and the stars.  They consulted with a few astrologers to find the ideal candy match for each zodiac sign.

So let’s take a look at the best Halloween candy based on your zodiac sign: