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You’re going to be surprised when you see the big name country stars who have never won a Grammy. The 2023 Grammy awards were last night, so the day after always gets you thinking about who got snubbed. For example, Luke Combs was nominated three times, but didn’t take home anything.

Sometimes I wonder what it actually takes to win a Grammy? Because a lot of the music that people love never gets recognition on the Grammy stage. There are a lot of artists that I think finally just give up hope. They think it’ll never happen for them.

Before we get into the artists that have never won a Grammy, lets look at the country stars who have won the most.

Alison Krauss has won 27 Grammy awards. Vince Gill has 21. Ricky Skaggs has won 15 Grammy awards. Hilary Scott from Lady A has 9. I’m not saying these artists aren’t awesome, because they are, but you’re telling me these artists I’m about to list don’t belong on that list too?

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These artists on this list have been nominated multiple times, but have never won.

  • Blake Shelton (8 Grammy Nominations 0 wins)

  • Eric Church (10 Grammy Nominations 0 wins)

  • Kenny Chesney (6 Grammy nominations 0 wins)

  • Dierks Bentley (14 Grammy nominations 0 wins)