Jimmy Buffett’s Latest Music Video Encourages Pet Adoption

I stumbled upon this video this morning, and of course I have to share it. This new Jimmy Buffett music video is for his song "Like My Dog." The song is featured on his final album, Equal Strain On All Parts. While I have to say, I do like Jimmy Buffett, I didn't know all of his music.  I wasn't someone who listened to all of his albums.  Basically, I know his most popular songs, and that's it.  And that also means I didn't know a lot about him as a person.  So I was delighted to see he was a dog person. Jimmy had Cavalier King Charles Spaniels that were by his side when he passed away back in September. And those pups were featured in this new music video. The song, "Like My Dog," was written by Scotty Emerick and Harley Allen.  It's a playful song asking a romantic partner why she can't love him like his dog does.  And I absolutely love that.  Because what a world we'd live in if we were able to love more like dogs-- unconditionally. According to Taste Of Country, when fans heard the song, they started posting on social media. They shared photos of their own dogs and used the hashtag: #likemydog. These images, along with Jimmy's own dogs, are featured in the video. It's a beautiful montage of various breeds.  And perhaps the best part? It's a partnership with the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.  The video is encouraging fans to adopt from shelters and rescues. And that alone makes this one of my absolute favorite videos! Jimmy Buffett Music Video: Like My Dog [select-am am_id="380822" syndication_name="gifts-for-pet-owners"]

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