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There have been a bunch of movies filmed in Augusta over the past several years. It would almost seem that Georgia has become a second Hollywood. So many of your favorite movies and TV shows have been filmed or are currently filming in Georgia. Most of them have been in and around Atlanta, but Augusta is starting to get more and more love from the movie and TV industry.

Augusta Is A Great Place To Film A Movie

Just ask Hollywood stars like Mel Gibson, Dennis Quaid and Clint Eastwood. They’ve all had movies filmed in Augusta over the past several years. There are so many amazing locations to choose from here in the CSRA. We’ve got a lot to offer as far as city scenes and country scenes as well. Plus I’m sure people who live in Hollywood don’t mind the Southern hospitality either.

I’ll be honest, it’s really cool seeing parts of Augusta on the big screen. It could be a place that you’ve gone 100 times, but seeing it in a movie just hits different. Seeing iconic Augusta locations in movies really gives me a sense of pride. It’s like “Hey, I’ve been there!” Or “That’s my favorite restaurant, now its in a movie, how cool is that?!”

Another cool thing is, most times we don’t really know when people are filming in Augusta. Sometimes you just happen upon a camera crew, or a road might be shut down because they’re filming something. It always makes you wonder what the heck are they doing? Whats this for? Of course, if you’re like me, the first thing you do is get on social media to see if anyone knows anything, or has any info.

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Here are some of the more famous movies that have been filmed in and around the CSRA

  • "The Suicide Squad"

    Idris Elba, Margot Robbie, John Cena, they were all in this movie. In the trailer you see Idris Elba in a prison, thats the old jail on Walton Way that has since been torn down. A lot of movie and TV crews wanted to film there, still not sure why they didn’t leave it standing, if not for any other reason than filming purposes.

  • "The Mule"

    Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood chose Augusta for some of the filming locations of his movie “The Mule”. Downtown Augusta, The Double Tree off of Bobby Jones, a church off of Central Ave, if you watch this movie, you’ll see a bunch of familiar locations. Also, fun fact, my wife was a stand in for this movie. She was Clint Eastwood’s daughter’s stand in, unfortunately she wasn’t listed in the credits.

  • "The Hill"

    This movie was filmed entirely in and around Augusta. Some of the local landmarks you’ll recognize in this movie are Lake Olmstead Stadium, Hildebrandt’s, and The Augusta Fairgrounds just to name a few. This movie is really good, if you haven’t seen it yet, its streaming on Netflix.

  • "Agent Game"

    Another Hollywood legend, Mel Gibson was spotted in Downtown Augusta a few years ago. He was wearing a trench coat and firing a gun. Now most times, a man in a trench coat firing a gun would have cops all over the place, but when its Mel Gibson, people are a little more at ease. You’ll notice a bunch of Downtown Augusta landmarks in this trailer. The Miller Theater, Broad Street and a bunch more!

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