Need some tips for perfect curls despite heat and humidity? Ok, maybe ‘perfect’ is a stretch! But keeping my curly hair less frizzy without having ‘crunchy’ hair is what I aim for on most days. I get a lot of people asking me ‘what do you do to maintain your curls and keep them looking beautiful, even in the Georgia heat and humidity?’ It’s definitely taken some trial and error over the years!

As you can see, I was born with a head full of naturally curly hair.

My mom had limited resources for my kind of hair in the 80’s and 90’s, so like I said, it’s been a lot of trial and error on my part figuring out what works for my kind of curls, and what doesn’t.

So here are some of my tips for perfect curls:

  • Not all curls are created equal

    My curls are definitely not the same as the next person’s curls. From different curl shape, to different textures, starting with the book, Curly Girl: The Handbook,is a good way to figure out what type of curl you have, what texture, and how to maintain it. You can buy that here.

  • Get the right haircut

    Finding a stylist who really understands curly hair is so important!! I have had my share of good ones and bad ones, and I appreciate the good ones tremendously! If you’re in the Augusta, GA area, my girl Amanda has been cutting my hair since I moved here a year ago. She’s amazing!

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  • Don’t brush your curls

    Unless you want to look like this

    I only comb out the tangles in my hair after I’ve washed it in the shower. And I use a wide tooth comb, while it’s wet in the shower. I use something similar to this.

  • Washing your curls

    I personally don’t use shampoo every day on my hair. Usually, every other day, but I always use conditioner. The cheaper brands that seem to work well for me are Pantene for curls, the shampoo and conditioner, as well as Herbal Essence shampoo and conditioner. Cheaper brands I have tried add zero moisture to my hair, which I always need.

    On the higher end, (which to me is paying $10/bottle) I like to use Kinky-Curly Come Clean shampoo

    And you can find this at Target or Walmart.

    I love using ‘Mixed Chicks’ brand products as well. Their products are also available at Target and this conditioner in particular is my favorite.


  • Products I use to ‘tame the mane’

    I have used A LOT of different products, from high end to low end. One of my favorite ‘high end’ products I use is Lush’s Revive. It’s more like a lotion so you don’t need a ton of it. And it smells amazing! I always get a ton to compliments when I wear it. And you can get that here.

    My daily routine includes a leave in conditioner from the Shea Moisture collection, as well as a gel from the same collection. Yes, I use them both at the same time. Get the leave in conditioner here.

    And the gel here.

    And sometimes I use this as well. I clearly love the Shea Moisture brand.

    Lastly, Miss Jessie’s curl products are amazing! Quick Curls, Jelly Soft Curls, and Pillow Soft curls are the products from that line that I love the most. You can also find their products at Target or Walmart, but I love their website.


  • Love your curls!

    I like to switch it up and straighten my curls, but for the most part, I wear my hair curly every day. There are people who would love to have my hair naturally and I don’t take that for granted! Hopefully, my tips and tricks will help you love your curls too.

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