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This morning on the show, I was telling Dub about a BIG fear I have. SNAKES! Recently, a neighbor and friend of mine posted in our neighborhood Facebook group about finding a RATTLESNAKE in her backyard. Like me, she has dogs. It was the dogs that alerted her to there being something in the backyard.  Thankfully, the dogs weren’t bitten. That neighbor/friend is only 2 houses down from me.  Then, another neighbor (4 houses down from me) posted about looking for guinea hens.  Apparently, these hens are helpful in deterring snakes.  She mentioned in her post that they’d been dealing with snakes too.  So… now I’m looking for some sort of snake deterrent!

The first thing I did was went to Google.  Of course, I want to find something that is more natural and safe for animals!  The last thing I want to do is put down something that could harm my fur babies. And not long ago, one of my neighbors was putting down mothballs.  It was around that time that Harley, my Pit mix, started having seizures.  We thought the two might have been related in some way… but haven’t officially connected the two.  Either way, mothballs are highly toxic for pets.  So that’s a no-go!

I did see where you can plant marigolds or lemongrass as a natural snake deterrent.  And there were a few other things you can plant.  But since I’m not much of a green thumb, I might need a different approach.  I also heard that human hair can be a deterrent.  But not sure the hair from my hairbrush and the hair David shaves off each week will be enough to scatter around the backyard. I need more ideas!  So of course, I go to… TikTok!  I figured I’d share a few I found, and maybe I’ll test them out and let you know how they go!

Snake Deterrent Ideas from TikTok: