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Chris O’Kelley

Chris O’Kelley

You did it. You voted and we have, as determined by you, the top 5 places for the best wings in Aiken And Augusta! Who are they? Stand by, when it comes to the best wings in Aiken & Augusta you were very passionate about it.

Wings so far have been the most voted-on food item we’ve done here. I know personally that wings are one of those foods that if they aren’t good, I’m done and gone.

When it comes to trying new places to eat, I’ll 9 out of 10 times will order a burger. If they can’t get a basic burger right, the rest might not be so good. If the burger is good, the next time I visit, it’s the wings I’m going after.

Preparing The Best Wings In Aiken And Augusta

There are so many ways to get wings to perfection.  One of the ways you seem to like them is double-baked.  That is one of my favorites as well.  You also can’t go wrong with just good wings seasoned and dipped in some ranch.

The ways that rank the best:

  • Double Baked
  • Grilled
  • Air Fryer
  • Baked
  • Fried

Now when it comes to seasoning and sauce, that list could go on for days.  This is very much a personal thing.  I just recently tried the spicy Thai Chili at Twin Peaks.

My Recipe Is Simple

I preheat my grill to 210, and while the grill heats up, I dry my wings. Then I add salt and pepper to my wings and a good bit of chipotle seasoning (I like a little kick with the flavor to come). After that, they are ready to hit the grill.

I have a recteq grill so I don’t have to flip them, but if you do a gas or charcoal grill, I’ll flip them after one hour.  Then at at 45 minutes into the second hour, I take them off the grill and crank the grill to about 400.

I’ll then have a bowl or two of my sauces ready to be dipped in.  I’ll coat them really well and then once the grill is up to 400, I put them back on and just let the sauce bake in.  My favorite sauces are Honey Mustard and Honey BBQ.

Maybe one day mine will be voted best wings in Aiken And Augusta.  A man can dream, right?

Best Wings In Aiken & Augusta

This is what my wings look like after they have been sauced and put back on the grill.

So, here we go.  As voted on by you, here are the top 5 best wings in Aiken and Augusta.  If you love wings, then this is the list you’ve been waiting on.

  • #5-Mellow Mushroom

    It makes good sense that a pizza place has great wings.  You voted Mellow Mushroom as the 5th best wings in the CSRA!  With 3 locations, Evans, downtown Augusta, and in the alley in Aiken.  Double baked goodness of the Thai Chili Wings are my favorite wings from Mellow!

  • #4-Grumpy's Sports Pub-Aiken

    I’ve made my way to Grumpy’s in Aiken a few times over the years and I can tell you that I’ve never had their wings but you can bet the next time I go wings will be on my plate.  The best sports bar in Aiken would have the best wings, wouldn’t they?

  • #3-Limelite Cafe

    Limelite Cafe on 1137 Agerton Lane in Augusta is a legendary spot in town.  I’ve had the wings here and I can tell you, they are good.  This is a very popular local spot for sports and cold drinks and the food is just the icing on the cake.  So if you’ve not had wings from Lime Lite Cafe, add them to your list! 

    Wings And More Wings

  • #2-T-Bonz

    T-Bonz is the place in the CSRA that I will say has the best wings.  They get my vote every time.  Hands down.  I will go to T-Bonz and just get the wings.  Once you get the wings, you will find yourself doing just like me, going for just the wings.  Two locations, Evans and Washington Road at I-20!

  • #1-J-Dubbz

    JdubbZ does it again.  You voted number 4 when comes to the best Pizza in the CSRA and now #1 for the best wings. Jdubbz is located at 771 Main Street North, New Ellenton, SC. Sauces go from mild, Scorcher, and teriyaki to BBQ, lemon pepper hot, and their famous Jdubbz sauce. It’s time to make a road trip to Jdubbz and try these wings that you voted the best in the CSRA.

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