Halloween Tips and Tricks

Halloween Tips and Tricks

Halloween Tips and Tricks


You know the feeling: a slight breeze, a chilly evening, hot cider is brewing on the stove and you can hear the screams and screeches from the kids playing in their cute little Halloween costumes. It’s the season for creativity and adventure. Adults get giddy about the Halloween parties and the kids get excited about the plethora of candy that they will consume in a single night.

You know the smells: hot apple cider, pumpkin spice lattes, hot chocolate, a hottie hottie. All of the smells that takes us back to that one special Halloween night and the feelings of nostalgia. It’s the smell of an old costume from your child that could once fit into it about seven years ago.

You get home and cuddle up on the couch and watch a classic Halloween horror movie and dig in to some pumpkin pie that’s topped with classic whipped cream. It’s the dream season for gathering together and laughing about how clever the costumes will be this year.

KICKS 99 would like to invite you to share the holidays will us this year by providing you with our personal tricks and treats to make Halloween the most memorable one yet. It’s the season for cozy weather, pumpkin carving, pie making and pumpkin spice lattes. More importantly, it is the season to dress up and get out! What will you be for Halloween?


Much Love,

The KICKS 99 Crew