Christmas Critters – Things People Have Found In Their Christmas Trees

It's the holiday season.  And maybe you've already decorated your home and put up a Christmas tree.  For some people, they choose to go with the artificial tree, while others opt to go for a live tree.  The debate there could go on and on.  Everyone has their reasons for one or the other.  But what if you found some of these Christmas critters in your tree?  Would it change your mind? Christmas Opossum There's a video going viral on TikTok where a girl discovered a baby opossum in her Christmas tree.  It's a bizarre story.  What might even make it a little crazier is the fact that this is an artificial tree.  How did that opposum wind up in her tree?  And what would you do if you were just enjoying the beautiful lights and relaxing at home, only to look over and see those eyes looking back at you? Owl Be Home For Christmas This story of a Christmas critter happened in Kentucky.  According to 59 News, the family had their tree fully decorated inside their home before realizing the baby owl was there. The homeowner even said she has three dogs and the tree is in a room they use all the time.  Despite that, it was still four days before they discovered the Christmas guest. And it wasn't even the family that lived there who discovered it. A carpet cleaner was in the home cleaning while the family was away when he saw the baby owl. He was plugging in some equipment when he saw the tree swaying and spotted the owl. The man was able to safety grab the owl, which was then released into the family's backyard. This isn't the first time an owl has been found in a Christmas tree though. Back in 2019, CNN reported that a Georgia family found an owl in their tree. In that story, the owl may have been in there for over a week.  The homeowner loves owls, and had owl ornaments on the tree.  But she was definitely surprised when one of those "ornaments" turned out to be a real-life owl. The family left windows and doors open, hoping the owl would fly out on his own. But they had to call an environmental center to come help remove it. And back in 2020, there was a tiny owl found in the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree in New York.  The creature was rescued by wildlife specialists and taken to a rehabilitation center. Other Christmas Critters Thankfully, this story is out of South Africa.  According to Newsweek, a family found a deadly black mamba under their tree.  A snake catcher was able to remove the 6 and a half foot creature and relocate him. Back in 2020, a woman in Florida got quite the surprise with her tree.  Initially, she thought it was a cat, but then realized it was a raccoon. She tried to get the raccoon to come out of the tree, and chaos ensued when her dog and raccoon went at each other. Choosing A Tree Although one of these stories involves an artificial tree, the majority of these critters were found in live trees.  This might have you reconsidering getting a real tree.  But if you still want that tree, make sure to inspect it before bringing it in.  Also, don't leave doors or windows open for creatures to come sneaking in! [select-am am_id="384098" syndication_name="hilarious-gift-exchange-items-under-25"]

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