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KICKS 99 Christmas Wish Family Five 2023

KICKS 99 Christmas Wish, Spreading Love to Families all over the CSRA this Christmas Season! KICKS 99 Christmas Wish Family Five: Michelle Jordan DONATE NOW! Here's Her Story: From Robbie: I want to nominate this lovely family who deserves the help she needs to get her back on her feet. To start from the beginning, Michelle and her 3 children aged 16, 9 and 3 unexpectedly and suddenly lost their father/husband who also was the sole provider of their beautiful family of 5. Joseph worked 3 jobs to be the man he needed to support his family as their youngest son was born 7 weeks premature in the midst of COVID. In August 2021 Joseph without warning lost his life leaving this shattered and broken family of 4 to learn life without him, as well as financial stress and worries, that was not something they were used too. Since her husband's passing, Michelle has not been able to catch the slightest of breaks. She was illogically evicted from her house that she rented a short few months after husbands passing. Her landlord wanted to help alleviate whatever it was she could for Michelle as Michelle and Joe have been high school sweethearts creating a beautiful life together for 16 years. Once her landlord received a payment of $35,000 from a government assistance rental program, she then hired a bunch of men to enter Michelle’s home while she was out and throw all of her belongings outside like trash. Almost all of her items were ruined, broken, damaged, destroyed and stolen. From Christian: I am nominating my mom because my dad passed away and then we were thrown out of our house and everything was ruined and stolen including our Christmas presents my mom couldn’t afford that weren’t even opened. Then my mom's car was destroyed by someone after it wasn’t covered for accidents. Then she was robbed and had my dad's money she was saving to get him a headstone. Three years later, he still doesn’t have one. Then her best friend died. My mom can’t work because she owes too much money from people hurting my mom. My mom works so hard everyday doing anything she can to make up for my dad’s loss and give me and my siblings everything we need and want. She is the best mom ever and deserves the world. There is so much more to add in her story of why I nominate her and all her bad luck but these are probably the biggest ones. She has not had it even a little easy since my dad died. She says it that “her purpose in life is to be tortured” I hear her cry in the bathroom all the time asking God to take her and bring my dad back. Another time I heard her on the phone with a suicide line. My mom has met a lot of people who wanted to help her and they only really hurt her. She lost all of her stuff and my dad's stuff too. Michelle Jordan was nominated by Christian Jordan and Robbie Gaffney. Get more information about the Kicks 99 Christmas Wish HERE.

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