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Bettis Academy Road Growth Update

If you travel Bettis Academy Road daily, I don't have to tell you about the growth that we are seeing at Exit 11. Over this year I've been posting updates about all the growth at Exit 11 on Bettis Academy Road and how it is making it the fastest growing area in Aiken County. Bettis Academy Road is growing and there are no signs of slowing down! What Is Causing The Growth At Bettis Academy Road? To be totally honest and open, I live off exit 11 so I am seeing this growth first hand. I've lived off exit 11 for about 15 years now and the growth I've seen in my 15 years is mind blowing. When I first moved to exit 11 the business we had were limited. Kent's Corner-which is now Circle K Huddle House- was connected to Kent's Corner The Old Breezy Hill Curb Market The growth of Bridgestone has been a big part of the growth of exit 11 along with expansion at Rolls-Royce Solutions America Inc.'s Graniteville production facility, where diesel engines are made, is nearing completion. This was announced back in 2021. With rumors of Google and Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, also investing in property at exit 11 in Aiken County, there could be even more growth if this comes to be. How Much More Can Exit 11 Handle? If you, like me drive Bettis Academy Road daily, you know how busy it is and how long it can take to make in and out of the businesses and getting on and off the interstate. The growth we've seen to many may seem like a pain, but it's really good for the area, our home values, and all the jobs that are coming to Exit 11. The one thing we do need at is a grocery store and we hang onto hope for that. Behind the new remodeled Circle K is a big plot of land and who knows what could be with that piece of land. In the years I've been living at this exit we've seen alot of things pop up: McDonald's Bojangles The Pilot/Subway QT The New Breezy Hill Curb Market/Liquor Store Dollar General Greg's Gas Plus became a Sprint Food Store Dollar Tree Storage Units Graniteville Community Church Byrd Elementary School Leavelle McCampbell Middle School So as we continue to grow, just know, it's good for the area and good for those of us who live there. I personally am ready for some curly fries from Arby's.

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