Happy Valentine’s Day!  Get ready for your social media feed to be full of pictures today of the pretty roses and flowers.  Keeping roses alive can be a bit of work, but it can make your roses last a lot longer.

I’m one of those who just put the plant food that comes with the roses, add some water, and boom you have roses.  Now there seem to be a lot of hacks as to where you can make your roses last a lot longer.  With the prices paid this year for the roses, let’s keep them alive.

Facts About Roses

According to Sophie Allport here are some cool facts about roses:

  • The oldest living rose is on the wall of the Cathedral of Hildesheim in Germany and is 1000 years old.
  • England’s national flower is the rose.
  • There are around 150 species of roses across the world, with thousands of hybrids.
  • Records show that the tallest rose bush stands at 5.6 meters high, that’s 18.8 feet!

What Does The Color Of The Rose Mean?

We all know that red roses mean love.  Did you know that each color has a different meaning?  When you go to send roses, keep the color and the meaning behind them in mind.

  • Red roses – love and passion
  • White roses – innocence and spirituality
  • Yellow roses – warmth, friendship, and joy
  • Pink roses – gratitude, elegance, and sweetness
  • Orange roses – pride, energy, and intense desire
  • Blue roses – secret love, mystery, and uniqueness
  • Lavender roses – love at first sight, wonder, and enchantment
  • Black roses – end of a relationship, change, and courage

Americans spend around 25 million dollars a year for Valentines Day so with all that money being spent on flowers, let’s do all we can to keep them around keeping roses alive seems to be a lot easier than you think.  Here comes a few hacks that can help.

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